Anyone who has worked more than five minutes has been associated with human resources. Those of us who have worked for larger companies have had training and/or classes in discrimination and sexual harassment. Necessary stuff. The more I work, the more I realize that no one should have to put up with a hostile work environment.
    Unfortunately, the rules and laws have become so numerous that it seems as though a manager has to have a law degree to safely hire, employ, and fire employees. That seems sad. I understand it, I'm not complaining about requiring adequate work environments. I just wish it didn't have to be so.

Dana Novinson
11/4/2012 20:45:50

Hi Tom, The blog looks great! You are right about a manager needing a degree. It is one specific to Human Resources. I had a temp job as an HR manager, but it could not become permanent due to my lack of degree/certification. Larger companies require it to help avoid legal actions resulting from HR errors.


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